4. Technology Platform

The tech defines the rules of the game.

Choosing the right technology establishes the playing field for your NFT campaigns and experiences. Each blockchain and service provider works within the bounds of its technological capabilities and capacities, meaning total integration is still difficult between the different technologies. Therefore, you must do your due diligence and understand the options to ensure they fit your needs.

Mint is a white-label, end-to-end platform for merchants, brands, and organizations to offer their supporters and collectors an accessible, seamless, and fully-branded experience. The ecosystem includes sale/purchase, free distribution, collection, and peer-to-peer NFT trading. We believe that true brand engagement for collectors should happen in self-standing environments that do not have to interact with other brands or projects.

We plan our projects around three core pillars: Mint, Distribute and Engage.


We currently work on Flow and Polygon, the two most energy-efficient blockchains available, to guarantee the smallest footprint and minimize transaction fees as much as possible.
Collectors, as the true owner of their NFTs, connect a blockchain wallet to our platform. We currently support Blocto and Dapper Wallet (Flow only).
Smart Contract
On Flow, we've created a Mint proprietary contract and on Polygon, we utilize the ERC-721 standard.
Minting Dashboard
Access your dashboard to submit your NFTs to be minted on the blockchain of your choice.


Primary Sales

We partnered with Shopify to provide the most efficient primary storefront experience. Collectors can purchase NFTs just like any other eCommerce product. Our platform accepts both credit cards and cryptocurrency. After the purchase, we connect the Mint ecosystem in the backend to invite collectors to view, claim, collect, and trade their NFTs in a branded web3 environment.
Primary Storefront Build and Operation
We recommend that brands onboard directly with Shopify to truly control the experience of the primary storefront, but we also offer the management of your storefront for the first six months (if you do not have any previous eCommerce experience).
Primary Storefront Merchant of Record
The owner and operator of the storefront (you or us) collects all of the revenue and customer data from the primary sale.

Free Giveaway

NFT Claim Page
Fans can access a page to be assigned an NFT. Access can be gated with a QR code or a unique, single-use identifier code. No wallet required: fans are assigned via their email address.
Direct Assignment
The brand/client submits a list of email addresses to Mint, and we will assign the NFTs directly to the recipients. The assignees can access the NFT viewer directly to view and claim their NFT.
Assignment End-Point
Define rulesets directly in your own ERP ecosystem, and it will automatically assign the NFTs via our API

NFT Viewer

The centerpiece of the collecting experience, the viewer is the branded environment in which collectors can view their NFT(s) using only their email. To own the NFT, they must connect or create a wallet and claim it. From here, collectors can access the marketplace, the utility, and the rewards offered. The NFT viewer is easily accessible with an email address and a one-time password.


The features and utilities associated with the NFTs will be accessible from the NFT viewer. Here is our product/feature roadmap for the utility we are looking to integrate in the coming months:

Collecting challenges
Digital and physical rewards attributions
Gated community channel access
Gated livestreams
Gated commerce
Gated experiences (games, apps, websites)
Gated offline events
Branded Marketplace
Merchants have the option to offer a fully-branded marketplace, where your collectors can trade your NFTs exclusively.
Public Marketplaces
Depending on the blockchain, the features and options within public marketplaces vary. You can see which are available for each here: https://dappradar.com/nft/marketplaces
Secondary Fee Allocation
We can associate multiple stakeholder wallets to each transaction on the secondary market (merchant, Mint, artist, etc.) based on % revenue share aligned at the outset.
Customer Support
We provide an extensive FAQ section and dedicated support service for all technical questions. We forward the questions to you for other rewards and fulfillment queries.

Now that you've got the strategy down, let's move onto the next chapter to define Creative needs.