3. Marketing

Tell the right story to the right audience

NFT campaigns create a unique brand experience that allows you to build a community, reach existing and new audiences, generate interest in your brand, and boost engagement. But, of course, this will only work if you’ve crafted the right story and addressed it to the right audience.

Based on the strategic objectives and the tokenization model you’ve now established above, here are the marketing questions you’ll need to answer next:

Who is your target audience?
How do they currently interact with your brand?
What more could they want out of your brand?
What story, tone of voice, and cultural influences are they sensitive to?
What creative direction and design should the experience have?
What kind of utility and long-term roadmap could they respond positively to?
What influencer/celebrity involvement could help boost your project?
How do you reach this audience?
What community dynamic would they be ready to take part in?
What is their digital/web3 proficiency level?
What are their NFT purchasing budgets?

In pre-launch, it’s important to build awareness of your upcoming project and articulate your goals, the drop architecture, the value exchange/utility, etc. The clearer, the better.

In post-launch, it’s essential to keep your community engaged and informed of the next steps. You must plan for resources (personnel, creative, rewards) to keep the community engaged.