About Mint

Building for the web3 era

Our next-generation NFT platform powers stronger, more meaningful brand-to-consumer experiences.
Mint enables brands to build direct relationships with an engaged community.

Purposeful in pursuit of shared experiences

Our mission is rooted in community, accessibility, utility, simplicity.
Mint’s streamlined process brings more fans, collectors and consumers into the new world of digital collectibles and NFTs.

Superior tech and tools

Our all-in-one platform is simple, seamless, and streamlined.
Mint gives brands, sports teams and leagues, agencies, and businesses even greater control over their NFT ecosystem.

Solutions, not just products

Our commitment to innovation runs throughout the design, development, and delivery process.
Mint constantly releases new updates based on the needs of our merchant partners, empowering brands’ foray into web3.

Passionate about partnership

Our team is more than just technology-focused.
Mint is made up of fans who love connecting, collecting, creating, and collaborating to help our customers achieve their objectives.

Benefits for consumers
and brands


Meet the Team

We are a global team – from Montreal to Berlin to New York – with proven expertise at the convergence of technology, marketing, creativity, and community.
Founded in 2020 as a platform to bring digital art galleries onto the blockchain, Mint now empowers brands around the world to start and grow their web3 journey with our smart, seamless technology, dedicated project support, and creative-agnostic solutions.
Joseph Djenandji
Founder, CEO
Matthew Balaszi
Founder, CTO
Matt Wurst
Co-Founder, CMO
Ryan Moss
VP, Business Development
Louis Agon
Partnerships & Projects Lead
Simon Weppe
Web3 Product Manager
Brandy Sargent
Operations Manager
Anton Otaner
Frontend Engineer
Houssem Daoud, MSc PhD

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