3. Ecosystem and “Skin” Design

Branding your ecosystem

While any landing page will suffice for data and email collection for free token giveaway and claims, our storefront integration goes even further. With our Shopify partnership, your team (or agencies) can design a fully branded eCommerce page that looks and feels like it's part of your website. While Shopify also offers templates and designs, this is one of the most unique opportunities in web3 to truly establish a compelling “first experience” for your brand with your consumers.

Our NFT Viewer and Marketplace is a bit more templatized for product layout, but the branded ecosystem continues here, with an opportunity to embed logos and colors in addition to the NFTs you’ve already designed.

4. Legal

Better safe than sorry

NFT are a new class of products for which the regulations have not been completely determined yet. It's important to consult your legal counsel and address the following topics to make sure you’re in the clear when launching your campaign:

Intellectual property rights
Securities law
Anti-money laundering
Data hosting and information safekeeping
Data Protection regulations

With the Creative priorities and needs all squared away, now you're ready to execute. Let's go!