Part 1: Strategy

1. Defining Objectives

What do you want to achieve?

Just like any other marketing activation or social media campaign, clear, quantifiable objectives must be defined and prioritized at the outset of the planning process and measured during and after the project to evaluate impact:


NFTs can generate significant sales for your organization depending on the quality of the assets (art, rarity, utility)
NFTs can also provide access togated commerce opportunities
What to measure
total NFT sales revenue, gated commerce revenue

Brand Awareness

Leverage the NFTs’ novelty factor to communicate on your brand, its vision, and its ambition in the space
NFT campaigns can tell a story and show a different side of your brand’s personality
Let your collectors promote your brand for you by collecting, trading, and discussing your NFTs
What to measure
brand mentions, reach, social media follower count, branded search volume, NFT campaign mentions in media and social media

Website traffic

Bring attention to your digital presence and redirect NFT fans to your website to access content and information regarding the drops
What to measure: Total sessions, unique page views, time spent on the page, bounce rate, conversion by traffic source

Customer value

As members of your exclusive NFT community, customers will be more receptive to monetizable offers and gated experiences
Get to know your collectors better via their NFT collecting behavior
What to measure
NFT collector value and loyalty vs non-collector

Brand engagement

By owning a little piece of your brand, the collector feels a more profound sense of belonging and engagement with your brand
Offering straightforward utility will drive engagement
What to measure
members of the NFT community, customer satisfaction score, participation in utility pieces, NFT fan engagement on social media

Customer Acquisition

Reach new customers that are interested in your NFT value proposition
What to measure
NFT collectors that are not part of your current database, new customers from NFT utility, total new customers since the NFT campaign launch, customer acquisition cost