Part 3: Execution

1. Utility

Beyond the token, the experiences begin.

The utility attached to an NFT can be the true driving force of a successful campaign. Tokens can grant access to exclusive experiences, making your collectors members of an exclusive, digital club that drives the value of the NFT over time.

With the Mint platform, your collectors can access their utility directly from the NFT Viewer, making it a one-stop shop for all the NFT community engagement initiatives you create.

Here are different gated access utilities we either have ready or are in the process of integrating:

Collecting Challenge

Create a collecting challenge out of the NFTs sold or distributed.
NFT holders can easily see in their NFT viewer if they’ve won a challenge, are eligible for a reward, or what contingencies must be met to receive one of the prizes listed on your website. Furthermore, you can do all the communication regarding the challenge rules through our system.

“In Real Life” Events:

NFTs can be used to generate QR codes within the app serving as the entrance ticket to exclusive events.

Gated Discord Channel

It has become increasingly important for projects to set up a server and enable all interested parties and holders to ask questions about the drop, converse with fellow holders, and stay informed about the latest news around the project. Holders can be given access to exclusive channels.


Do you want to offer a livestream featuring an important “protagonist,” or advocate, for your I.P. (executive team, investor, celebrity, coach, author, artist, musician, etc.) where only certain NFT holders are eligible to participate? Use our livestream feature within the NFT Viewer, which only tiered holders can access.

Gated Commerce

NFTs are access tokens and keys of entry. And with our platform, you can allow certain NFT holders to access exclusive merchandise or special drops. Collectors and users can view what NFTs are needed to access certain parts of your shop within our NFT viewer. Once someone buys/unlocks the right NFT, they can enter a gated commerce area to buy your exclusive items.

Feedback, Voting, Participation in Polls

Participation is a huge component of web3. We offer you the opportunity to allow collectors to participate in some decisions regarding the brand. All votes are recorded and validated by the blockchain.
2. Community Management

Be part of something new.

Web3 and NFTs are all about community and participating together in this new digital adventure. The collecting experience should be a shared moment between the brand, the individual collectors, and the community. It's important to consider and build community dynamics in the project. Here are some of the most important aspects:

Communicate the roadmap, utility, and vision of the NFT campaign—before, during, and after.

Build a landing page ahead of the drop to allow fans to sign up and be notified when it takes place or other important messages/updates.
Launch a Discord channel ahead of the drop to start conversing with the interested community. Take care to curate, moderate, and support (as a brand) in the channels.
Leverage Twitter for big NFT announcements.
Allocate internal resources for community management.
Leverage existing social media channels to reach out to your existing community.
Organize utility opportunities to reinforce the sense of community/membership.