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Porsche & MISA

From Small Screen to Big Screens Around the World

Porsche partnered with König to showcase up-and-coming digital artists, offering them a global stage, turning OOH advertising spaces across the globe into a gallery.

Digital Art Gallery Minted on Flow

An entire collection of digital artwork was minted and placed for sale as 1-of-1 items. From dream to reality, the storefront became a landing page and launching point for a worldwide activation and promotion.

Purchase from Smartphone Right From the Sidewalk

The outdoor exhibition was accompanied by a König X PORSCHE NFT Storefront on, which included artist features, background stories, plus new ways to experience and collect the digital art. Collectors worldwide could purchase the NFTs right off the street via a QR code and link to the website.

Launched in October 2021 in five major cities: New York City, Madrid, Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo. Estimated reach in the tens of millions. Porsche and MISA thus propelled the artists' profile and helped to create a new generation of art collectors.