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Axiom Space NFT Marketplace
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Axiom Space NFT Community
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Axiom Space

Building an Axiom Space Enthusiast Community

With the launch of Axiom Space NFTs, community participation directly impacts the next frontier of space exploration and web3 engagement.

From Open Editions to 1-of-1

With a broad and diverse collection, Axiom NFTs allow participants to engage with each other and in humanity’s greatest endeavors beyond our planet. The assets ranged from affordable, accessible mission patches ($20 each) minted on the energy-efficient Polygon blockchain to custom-made digital sculptures of various rarity tiers to 1-of-1 auctions for exclusive tokens minted on Ethereum.

An Accessible NFT Collection with Something for Everyone

New drops took place throughout the historic 14-day mission, with direct engagement and promotion from the astronauts aboard ISS, culminating in the first-ever NFT minted from space available for purchase.

Becoming a holder of Axiom Space’s NFTs grants exclusive access to crafted experiences around our space missions and perks to be in the know of upcoming events and releases.