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Team and Brand Collectibles

Open Locker

Digital Collectibles that connect fans and athletes and drive fan engagement

Open Locker leverages Mint's white-label technology to showcase athletes and build fan engagement. In the college space, the platform empowers student-athletes by paying them the majority of revenue from sales of collectibles with their NIL, and experiences. We also invite them to participate in creating fan experiences.

Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Physical

To help bridge the gap as fans/consumers adopt the new technology, Open Locker has created a series of digital collectibles per athlete, as well as autographed physical collectibles ("Platinum card") with the purchase of digital collectibles ("access pass"). While the college sports fans love it (who doesn't love trading cards and our Platinum card is awesome), the Platinum card has also been instrumental in Open Locker's efforts to grow the sport of thoroughbred racing.

Deepening the Relationship With the Fanbase

Open Locker has branched out to support multiple sports at both the college and professional level. They We focus on building community and leveraging existing networks to rally around each of the collections that we launch. Tokens are minted on the Flow Blockchain and stored/collected in a fan's Dapper Wallet.

Unlike conventional NIL deals, OpenLocker athletes receive the lion's share of revenue from sales, have direct participation in the creation of their digital collectibles, and participate in the fulfillment of experiences, utility, and content opportunities within the community.