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Gamisodes NFT Store
Team and Brand Collectibles

Gamisodes: Inspector Gadget

Watch and play with the Inspector, remastered for the first time.

Fans of the 1980's fan favorite cartoon classic are re-discovering their love for Inspector Gadget and experiencing the show in a totally new way.

Reviving a Fan-Favorite Classic for Web3

The newest and most innovative way for people of all ages to interact with their most loved animated shows! Launched in August 2022, Gamisodes are token-gamified episodes reimagined for fans and collectors to obtain each of Inspector Gadget's 165 gadgets by acquiring digital collectibles in the form of virtual trading cards.

Dapper Wallet integration to buy and trade NFT Cards for future in-game use

Having already integrated Dapper Wallet and the first rollout of Blind Pack drops, we've already surpassed more than 1MM NFTs minted. The Trading Cards are released over time in 13 sets. The first sets are available for community presale already, with packs of each set will be released in several small batches over time.

Beginning in 2023, Gamisodes cards will unlock features in each gamisode, offering benefits and exclusive VIP perks, like access to giveaways, swag, and early access to launches. Join for watch-a-thons, with 5 episodes with each drop, as well as a number of giveaways, AMAs, and other events. Next up, Gamisodes is opening a P2P marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade collectibles.